Python Development training

Starting Python
Using the interpreter
Running a Python script
Python scripts on Unix/Windows
Editors and IDEs
Using variables
Built in functions
Converting among types
Writing to the screen
Command line parameters
About flow control
White space
Conditional expressions
Relational and Boolean operators
While loops
Alternate loop exits
About sequences
Lists and list methods
Indexing and slicing
Iterating through a sequence
Sequence functions, keywords, and operators
List comprehensions
Nested sequences
File overview
The with statement
Opening a text file
Reading a text file
Writing to a text file
Raw (binary) data
About dictionaries
Creating dictionaries
Iterating through a dictionary
About sets
Creating sets
Working with sets
About sequences
Function parameters
Global variables
Global scope
Returning values
Sorting data
Syntax errors
Using try/catch/else/finally
Handling multiple exceptions
Ignoring exceptions
The import statement
Module search path
Zipped libraries
Creating Modules
Function and Module aliases
About o-o programming
Defining classes
Instance methods and data
Class/static methods and data

Python Dev

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