nettlink Academy

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We provide Networking Services and Training of individuals and groups on Network technologies and services. Our Training is not OEM specific and can be applied across a wide range of OEMs equipment.

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We provide Training on Software Applications Development on several platforms including Mobile and Web. We Teach the Language and their Applications.

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We provide Training on Android Application Development.

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We provide Help and Guidance on Electrical/ Electronic Projects and Training of individuals and groups on Electrical and Electronics both Analog and Digital Systems including but not limited to:
Power Inverters and Micro-controllers

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We provide Productivity Services like Data Management and we provide Training of Individuals and Groups on the Use of Productivity Office Tools to Help them work faster, efficiently and deliver accurate results.

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We provide Training on Full Stack Web Development using the latest Technologies available to build both the Back-end and the Front-end.

Become A Network Engineer

No other IT role is more vital to business operations than networking administrators and engineers. Start with the basics or accelerate your career with advanced skills and certifications.

Digital Electronics and Instrumentation

Become your own Boss by Learning Electrical and Electronics Systems and Devices Design and start Building For the Market.

Professional Software Developement

Learn to Create Mobile Softwares and Web Apps that can compete in UI and Functionality with Modern Mobile Softwares and Web Apps.

Use of office tools and management softwares

Keep Yourself Relevant in the Office by improving your proficiency in achieving Excellent Results Quicker and Accurately Using Productive Office Tools.

Software Solutions Training

Learn the use of software solutions such as QuickBooks, HR Management Softwares, Payroll…etc

become a computer hardware professional

Learn Computer Hardware Configurations and Applications along with Basic Troubleshooting and Repairs and Empower yourself.


Technology is changing the world by connecting billions of devices to change how we live and work to make the world a better place. Our session is a knowledge hub, led by industry practitioners and consultants who use their real-world experience to impart the knowledge and service techniques.

Nettlink Academy delivers a comprehensive, learning experience We help students develop the foundational physical and logical networking skills needed to design, build, and manage networks, along with career skills such as problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Student’s complete hands-on learning activities and network simulations to develop practical skills that will help them fill a growing need for networking administrators and professionals around the world.

We have experienced instructors and qualified networking engineers with extensive knowledge of new technologies, who are able to provide informative training sessions, which will thoroughly educate users about networking technology. And our services engineers are networking professionals with understanding of complex technical issues.

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